Products for Environmental and Technology Development

Services and Products

The services provided by LIBROS System are adjusted according to the project treaty’s needs. In some cases, a service is a pre-requisite for another’s implementation.

The products resulting from the services are always reviewed and validated so that the final product satisfy client’s objectives.

Services for the Mapping, Monitoring and Surveillance Division

  • Environmental Videography by Aerosurvey
  • Diagnostics and Environmental Zonings
  • Survey and Processing by Remote Sensing
  • Maps Production

Services and Support for Information Technology (IT)

  • Strategies for Information Technology Use and Application
  • Processing of Spatial Information in various Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Geographic Database Development
  • Information Systems Development
  • Courses and training for GISs use

Services for the Environmental Sector - Studies and Projects

  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Physical and Biotic Environments Studies
  • Environmental Licensing Studies
  • Management Plans for Conservation Units
  • Environmental Education
  • Projects for Ecologically Correct Materials and Equipments Implementation

Services for the Carbon Market

  • Analysis of Proposals and Projects
  • Development Project for Obtaining Carbon Credits
  • CO2 Emissions Compensation Methodologies